LT1 Cam Info

LE LT1 Custom Cam list

  • 211/220 .532/.544 114 LSA. – Idle-5800 RPM
    “Sleeper cam” with smooth idle improving HP and TQ everywhere.
  • 218/222 .544/.544 111 LSA. – 1500-6000 RPM
    Great low and mid range power with very mild idle and will easily pass emissions. Works with
    stock gear and factory converter. Comparable to popular Crane 227 cam and GM 845 cam.
  • 222/230 .544/.568 112 LSA. – 1700-6100 RPM
    Largest emissions friendly cam. Pretty mild idle and still able to work with stock gears
    and factory converter in F or Y body. Needs small stall and gears for B body. Comparable
    to GM Hot Cam and Crane 846 cam.
  • 226/234 .584/.584 110 LSA. – 1900-6200 RPM
    NON-EMISSIONS version of 223/230 cam mentioned above. Mild to choppy idle.
    Good HP/TQ through out and a very usable power band. Best choice for “most people”
    using stock bottom end. Minimum 2800 stall and 3.42 gears for B body. Comparable to
    Comp 467 XFI cam.
  • 230/238 .584/.584 108 LSA – 2200-6400 RPM
    Choppy idle. Good mid range and top end power. Minimum 2800 stall and 3.42 gears for
    F and Y body. Minimum 3200 stall and 4.11 gears for B body. Comparable to Comp 306 cam.
  • 234/238 .584/.584 108 LSA – 2400-6600 RPM
    Very choppy idle. Good mid range and great top end power. We suggest a “built” bottom end
    is to handle this RPM. Minimum 3000 stall and 3.73 gears for F and Y body. More gear and
    stall will be even better. Comparable to GM 847 or Comp 468 XFI cam.

These cams are designed for popular combinations using stock bottom end LT1 or 355 engines
and will work for most peoples set ups. A customer with a 383/396, solid roller, turbo,
supercharger, extra wild, extra mild, etc, etc, will want a custom cam designed for there set up.
We can design one at no extra charge.

There is not 1 camshaft that will fit the needs of everyone so we have designed several
camshafts for popular set ups that will fit the bill for about 80% of the customers.

Just give us a call (469-820-9363) and we can go over your set up and help you decide
what cam will work best for your set up.