LE Trickflow

LE Trickflow
These Trick Flow 23 degree LT1 heads feature larger chambers and are great for forced induction and stroker build ups. We can fully port the Trick Flow 23 degree heads and end up with a 210 cc intake port that flows 290 CFM and over 210 CFM on the exhaust. These castings also allow for the port to be made larger at the pushrod pinch ensuring you can feed your stroker or forced induction engine to a higher RPM and/or HP level.

TFS 23 degree LT1 heads consist of:
Stainless steel 2.02/1.60 valves
TFS .600 lift Dbl springs (130 lbs seat and 380 lbs open)
Steel retainers and locks
210 cc intake port
milling, cleaning and assembly
Flow about 290/210 CFM
assembled and ready to bolt on

$100 for a spring upgrade for more aggressive lobes and boosted applications (155 lbs seat)

$200 upgrade to use a 2.08 intake valve and end up with a 215 cc intake port flowing 300+ CFM.

$1800 for the TickFlow heads