LS3 / L92

Excellent cylinder head for making great HP/TQ #’s with a relatively mild cam shaft.
They start off with a LARGE port and LARGE cross section while flowing pretty well  (almost 320 CFM out of the box) but with a nice 5 angle valve job and portwork in specific areas we can see 30 CFM while keeping the port almost the same size and making the port “work” much better. $650 for 5 angle valve job, portwork, milling, cleaning and assembly (reusing customers valves, springs, etc).

Other options to include:

Manley Race Flo 2.165/1.590 valves for $280

Lunati 73925 K1 dbl spring kit for $220

The LS3/L92 heads are a lot different than the cathedral port LSx heads and will require a COMPLETELY different camshaft profile to take advantage of this new port design. We offer several different camshafts to take advantage of this port design and offer custom cams at no extra charge. $350 for any billet LSx cam.