LS1 Cam Info

LE LS1 custom cam list

Our custom ground cams are $385

  • 215/219 .604/.607 113 LSA – “sleeper cam” with smooth idle and TONS of TQ at every
    RPM from idle to 6000 RPM. This cam is a “torque monster”.
  • 223/231 .610/.617 111 LSA – 1500-6200 RPM
    mild idle, can be used with stock gears and no stall. Good all around power.
  • 227/235 .614/.621 111 LSA – 1800-6500 RPM
    aggressive idle, works well with 2800 stall and 3.42/3.73 gears.
  • 231/239 .621/.624 111 LSA – 2100-6800 RPM
    choppy idle, works well with 3200-3600 stall and 3.73/4.11 gears.
  • 243/251 .634/.641 111 LSA – 2500-6800 RPM
    great cam for stroker engines wanting strong mid range and
    top end power. Works best with 3600-4400 stall and 3.73/4.11 gears. 

There is not 1 camshaft that will fit the needs of everyone so we have designed several
camshafts for popular set ups that will fit the bill for about 80% of the customers.

LS3/L92 heads, LS7 heads, turbo set ups and blower set ups will all want different cams than listed above so please call and we can go over your set up and we can get you (or design a cam for you) that will work best for your setup.

Just give us a call (469-820-9363) and we can go over your set up and help you decide
what cam will work best for your set up.