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LT1 LE3 heads are designed for “built” bottom ends using after market pistons
(Mahle, SRP, etc) with larger valve notch to clear the large 2.055 intake valve.
LT1 LE3 heads are capable of producing 10 HP over our LE2 heads when used
with 230+ duration cams on high RPM 355’s or 383’s using free flowing complimenting parts (mono blade TB, 1 7/8 headers, 3″ true duals, etc)

LT1 LE3 heads consist of :

Larger valve seats installed in heads
Bronze valve guide liners installed in heads
Manley 2.055/1.60 6000 series valves
Patriot Gold Extreme springs (155 lbs seat and 400 lbs open)
Steel retainers and locks
208 cc intake port
milling, cleaning and assembly
flow about 280/195 CFM
assembled and ready to bolt on!

$1600 for LT1 LE3 heads.
$1900 for LT1 LE3 heads and any custom billet cam mentioned above.

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